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5 Famous Japanese Musicians Through Anime Soundtrack

Anime is a Japanese animation, which is usually characterized by images featuring the colorful characters in a variety of locations and stories, which are aimed at a variety of audiences. Anime influenced style of drawing manga, comics typical Japanese anime word appearing in written form in three katakana characters a, ni, to which the language of uptake of the English language "Animation" and pronounced as "Anime-shon". But did you know that during this anime soundtrack fills the beginning and end of the anime series, anime Success also will elevate their names. Because Anime allow to be broadcast to all these dunia.Berikut summarizes five Japanese musician best known for his soundtrack to the anime:

1. Judy and Mary

Who does not know "Samurai X"? Anime that tells of a samurai named Kenshin who wants to start a new life and decided not to kill again and wear upside-edged sword. Kenshin used to be known as the killer Batosai. Kenshin with an X-shaped wound on his cheek had also become an icon of the Samurai in Indonesia, since the anime is aired on one of the TV stations in Indonesia.

Anime opening song is a very well known called "Sobakasu" hosted by multi-genre band (punk, rock, pop) named Judy and Mary. Try to listen to the song below Sobakasu know who can bring memories of our past when watching Samurai X first.

Judy and Mary (,

2. V6

Boysband Japan consisting of six men who became famous with his song Anime Opening song "Inuyasha" titled "Change The World". Inuyasha tells Kagome, a girl who finds another dimension in the old well at home, the well was brought into the jungle, where stealth is often found. Kagome frees a dog demon sealed in the sacred tree, stealth was named Inuyasha, since their adventure-stealth stealth eradicate evil began.

V6 (,

3. Uura Saeka

Uura Saeka is a Japanese pop-rock singer, was born on 1 April 1989. The song, titled "Sha la la - Ayakashi Night" soundtrack and the original opening of the anime "Kekkaishi" catapulted him participate, especially in Indonesia. Tells the story of the Kekkaishi Kekkaishi, someone who can create a Kekkai (square-shaped seal) to confine and eradicate stealth. Yoshimori is a Kekkaishi clan Sumimura, every night he ghost hunting as his duty as a kekkaishi.

Yoshimori is not alone, there are also a Kekkaishi Tokine from the Yukimura clan together Yoshimori ghost hunt every night. Although the relationship and Yukimura clan Sumimura be so good, but Yoshimori and Tokine bersabahat since childhood, Tokine had saved Yoshimori caused severely wounded, since sata is Yoshi Kekkaishi determined to be strong in order to protect Tokine, not just inconvenient as ever he do.

Kekkaishi (manga version of him) was honored as a shounen manga (comics for boys) best Shogakusan Manga Award in 2007.

Uura Saeka (,

4. Hitomi Shimatani

  Through the anime "The Law of Ueki", the name of Hitomi Shimatani exploring Indonesia. With a song titled "Falco" is used as the opening song of The Law of Ueki, the artist who debuted when I was in junior high school could make his name more famous with the success of the anime. The Law of Ueki tells of a tournament to determine the new god, the god of 100 candidates have to choose one junior high school students to be given special powers petarungnya.

Kosuke Ueki one of the candidates selected by a god named Kobayashi and given the power to change trash into trees. The winning god Candidate will become the next god while the students will be given an empty talent, which allows a person to have any talent to have. Could have heard "Falco" will remind us of the absurdity of Ueki and his friends in The Law of Ueki.

Hitomi Shimatani (,

5. Orange Range

The band is one of the band Pop, Rock, R & B's most famous in Japan. They came from Okinawa, Japan, was founded in 2001 by Naoto and Katchan. Many of their songs were used as anime soundtracks, of which the most famous is the song titled "Asterisk", which was named First Opening Anime "Bleach" is famous in Indonesia. In addition, the song "Viva Rock" which made ​​the ending would have been a lot of anime Naruto Naruto Indonesia memorized audiences.

Besides that aired in Indonesia, the song Orange Range also made ​​many other anime soundtracks, namely their song titled "O2" which became the opening anime "Code Geass R2" and "Shiawase neiro" which is used as the ending of the anime rock sama.Musik diselipi rap with such harmonious strains of the band does make them loved by his fans, I also include Orange Range fans. (**)

Orange Range (,

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