Senin, 24 September 2012

Tool for Creating Animations

"ANIMESTUDIO", a name made ​​products Agatsuma CO., LTD is planned to be sold as toys. This tool has a camera and a small studio where users can create their own animations, plus it was his play back to play an animation software that has been made frame by frame. The camera lies in the hands of "ANIMESTUDIO" and the animated object will be displayed on the tv screen.
To create the animation, which must be done is menfoto object to be animated and moving objects and took another picture. To make a 1 second animation takes 4 frames which means 4 times shooting. It is very time consuming and requires persistence if you want to get a good animation.
Once the animation is completed, the results can be uploaded to the website to be shown to others. ANIMESTUDIO equipped with SD card reader and a SD card to accommodate the work that has been made. Approximately 25 000 shots can be saved in SD 1 GB which when played will be 1 hour and 40 minutes of animation.
Price of this product is 15.770 yen.

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