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about sketch

1. Definition Sketch


The sketch is disciption plan or image for some object, just using line not finished sometime just for remember using image creator. in use by the application sketch short note roomates discript some idea. will be use for sketch-based to create a plan for Animation film, so the animator must be have knowladge about sketching Because can help to create her project.

Indonesian to English: "sketch". Indonesian to Indonesian (Noun):  

1. painting fast (only magnitude lines)
2. design drawings; rengrengan; plan; chart  
3. dng portrayal words on a matter in outline; brief; quick overview  
4. pd short scene of a drama; (Verb) 1 make painting quick; 2 makes the design drawings. 
Sketch a picture or painting a rough preliminary lightweight, sheer outline or unfinished. Sometimes it is used only as a reminder to remember it. Sketch or sketch (sketch) is generally known as a chart or plan for a painting. In that sense, more a sketch of rough drawings, temporary, either on paper or on canvas in order to work more as a painting.

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