Jumat, 21 September 2012

Create animation with SWiSHmax

Animation is one of the multimedia elements that are very interesting. Because animation can make anything as moving. Though the animation is a series of images displayed begantian. According to Fernandes in his book Ibiz Macromedia Flash Animation & Cartooning: A Creative Guide, animation is a process of recording and playing back a series of static images to get an illusion of movement.

Animation is not only used for movies only. In the world of animation websites used to give a sweet touch to the site. Even for the world of animation is also used as an educational tool to explain things so that students can grasp the concepts being taught. SWiSHmax animation in the animation field is growing very rapidly, one example of the results of the development of the animation is SWiSHmax program. SWiSHmax can be used as an alternative to using a flash that has been widely used. Before SWiSHmax flash software developed first among the famous graphic design. However, after the software is released the animators prefer to use the software SWiSHmax of the macromedia flash for animation scripts easier and more effectively utilized. Compared with other software, provides a lot of design SWiSHmax button, making it easier for animators to design. Additionally SWiSHmax software has advantages compared to the previous flash animation software, some of them swish max relatively easier to use compared with Macromedia Flash and the results are relatively similar, SWiSHmax is equipped with a variety of interesting animations and easy to use, SWiSHmax also able to handle links between objects and dokumen.

SWiSHmax Development as one of the media messenger to the children is an idea that can improve the creativity of teachers in presenting the material to the child. In fact, for many teachers who continue to always use the classical method in the delivery of lecture material. In fact, the material can be delivered through multiple media that one of them is this SWiSHmax. If you listen to a lecture given by the teacher, students will only imagine the different interpretations each child, because there is no clear picture of the explanation given or no clear visualization is difficult to imagine that the child closer to reality.

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