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the steps to create basic animations

the following steps:
1. Create a new file with a size of 90 x 90 or up to your taste. How select File> New or press Ctrl + N.
2. Create a circle using the Elliptical Marquee Tool or press M. Do not forget to press the Shift + Alt to make a circle.Creating Animated GIF
3. Fill in the circle in red. How: Press Alt + Del to enter the color you have selected on the Foreground Color.
4. Duplication of this first layer and create a layer 2 is similar to the color yellow and green so that later we will have a third layer containing a circle with red,Uning and green.
5. Make the third layer terebut not visible / invisible. How: Click the eye icon on the left side of the layer.
6. After this we will continue to use ImageReady. At the bottom of the toolbox, select the Edit in ImageReady or press Shift + Ctrl + M.Creating Animated GIF
7. After opening ImageReady make sure you are showing Window Animation. If you do not select the menu Window> Animation or press F7. Also make sure the Layers window has appeared, and if not select menu Window> Layers or press F11.
8. Now we will create an animation of the three layers that we have created in Photoshop before. It is very different from the animation in general, but here we will create a simple animation. Keep in mind, the core of what we do is a game layer.Now look at the Animation Window, there is a layer, the first layer that we'll start creating animations. Show layer red circle in the Layers window, how can click to display the eye icon.Creating Animated GIFThen display the first frame in the Animation Window is as shown below: Creating Animated GIF
9. Now we will add a frame on the Window Animation, I click the icon Duplicates current frame and a duplication of the first frame has been made. Later in the Layers window, show a yellow circle layer and turn off the red layer.
10. The final step, create another new frame Window Animation, layer on the Layers Window turn green circle and yellow circle layer off.
11. Adjust the timing of each frame in the Animation Window by clicking on writing time at the bottom of the frame.
12. Let you run a simple animation that you have created by clicking the icon Plays / stops animation.
13. Once all that is done do not forget to save your work.
Remember!To save the PSD file of your practice time, run the way as usual, File> Save.To save your work into animated GIFs, run File> Save Optimized As ...
After this you can try to make an animation with motion in moving, change color, change size, and so on.

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