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How to skecth

Sketching is drawing vaguely or roughly. Sketching can be used in art or to just get an idea of how something will look. Sketching is used in business, too. Someone might draw a sketch of how a product, building, or other concept might look. Sketching is also a good warm-up for drawing or painting.


1. Gather all materials listed. Make sure you have enough light. You can sketch at a table, in the park, in the middle of the city in a sketchbook, on regular paper, or even on a napkin.
You might want to try different versions of the same object to brainstorm and later decide which you like best.

2. Before you start sketching, practice some hand movements. For example, you can draw circles or horizontal lines for five-ten minutes to warm up your hand.

3. Starting with your pencil, use light strokes with loose hands. Move your hand very quickly, using minimal pressure, almost glossing over the page without stopping. Get comfortable with the paper you are working with. At this initial stage, you should barely be able to see the strokes. Consider this to be the foundation of your sketch.

4. For the next stage, use the darker 6 B pencil. When you achieve the perfect shape in Step 1, you can then define your strokes more precisely with this darker pencil. Keep adding details. Start adding inner shapes. Make sure they are to scale. For example, when drawing a parking ramp, you want to make sure that the entrances and parking spots are the appropriate size.

  • When you are finished using this pencil, you will notice smudges on the pages since the lead on this pencil is softer than the previous one. Remove all smudges with the eraser.
  • Make sure you use a soft eraser like the putty eraser so that your erasing does not rip off the top layer of the page. The putty eraser will lighten your lines, not completely eradicate them.
5. Add further details and perfect your lines and presentation until you are satisfied that you have captured the perfect representation.

6. When you have completed your sketch, apply a fixative to seal the image.


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