Senin, 24 September 2012

preparation of basic needs (part I)

Professional cartoon making equipment based cells requires basic tools are:
a. Drawing Table / lightboxes
Drawing table, accompanied by lights on the bottom of the table, and with the type of hole Peg bars acme.
          Portable Lightbox Lightbox
b. Decent Chair
A comfortable chair and flexible moves to support the ease and comfort of working in a long time.
          Descent Chair
c. Desk Lighting
A lamp or adequate lighting, is used to offset the power of the light that emerges from the lightbox, so that the eyes do not get tired.
          Desk Lighting
d. Mirror (Mirror)
Mirrors are used to seeing our faces, when it comes to drawing / mimicked the expression of one's emotions.
e. Paper
Paper or paper used as a drawing medium.Typically used A4 paper size, or scale movie to be made such as 4:3 or 16:9
f. Pencils
Pencil was used to draw on paper media. Typically used 2B pencil or a mechanical pencil.
          wooden pencil mechanical pencil
g. Eraser (pencil eraser)
Use a pencil eraser to erase pencil unnecessary and used to image area clean when entering the stage of scanned images.
h. Punch / Peghole (hole punch)
Punch or Peghole used to perforate the paper to be placed on pegbar. Standard hole punching using acme, with three (3) holes.
          Peghole / Punch
i. Pegbar
Pegbar used as a tool for compiler / paper clips are used when drawing, so that continuity is maintained animation.
j. Scanner
Scanner is used to move the image on the paper in a digital format for editing and composed using computers.
k. Computer
Computers are used to edit the film in digital format. The computer is equipped with multimedia equipment and processing software cartoons.Software that is used such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Macromedia Flash MX, McPie Pro, CoreRetas, Avid Express, Cakewalk and SoundForge.
l. Camera / web cam
Camera / webcam function as Rustrum Camera used for line test. Before entering the process of scanning images, all images are checked using rustrum camera. If there is a line that is not constant then it must be repaired before being scanned.

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