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Preparation basic needs (part II)

To meet the energy production cartoons, it takes a minimum of several human resources, namely:
a. Producer
A producer who serves as manager to control and manage the overall project budget films.
b. Film director
A director is responsible for the overall creative aspect of the movie, control the content and flow of the entire plot of the movie, making the direction of the talent (drawing artist, background artist, voice actor, editor and special effects), set the cinematography films. A subordinate directors / representatives of producers, even at certain things sometimes concurrently as director producer.
c. Scriptwriters / Screenwriter
Scriptwriters in charge of making the script of the film (screenplay) used by the director to create a visual story. Scriptwriters are planning dialogue and describe the atmosphere. Guidelines commonly used is 1 sheet of manuscript paper for a duration of 1 minute in the film. However, the director will be very powerful for determining the changes.
d. Storyboard Artist
Storyboard artist in charge of making a storyboard from the screenplay are used as a visual guide of the story. Between the script and storyboard support each other, as the words of the script and storyboard as a visual.
e. Drawing Artist
Drawing artist responsible for the making of these images every frame of the film is made. Artist Drawing broadly divided into two parts. The first is called Key Animator, which is in charge of making key drawings (primary) of a movement / animation. In the first movement with a format of 25 frames per second, which is key 5 to 7 images. Skills needed by a key animator in addition to good at drawing should have a high imagination to imagine the movement in each scene.To continue the animation that was created by the key drawings done by In Beetweener. An in beetweener needed speed in the drawing.
f. Coloring
Coloring has the task of coloring the images scanned and placed in frames, which are then ready to be edited by the editor.
g. Background Artist
Background artist served as background maker. A background artist must master perspective three-dimensional space to create a background that supports the imagination feel around for the characters in it.
h. Checker & Scannerman
Checker served as a line test that checks the lines of the image is not yet stable or inconsistent frame and make sure there are no less than an animated cartoon.Usually the line test / checker function also as a duty scannerman scan images to be processed digitally.
i. Editor
After the picture frames arranged by coloring then turn to the task of an editor to edit animated films have combined and disingkronkan between video and audio. One time editor also serves as a special effects expert when needed additional effect on the film scene.
j. Sound Editor
Sound editor working at the time prior to production and post-production. Before production sound editor in charge of taking the vote while the inside dope sheet lipsynk guide for animators. Post-production editing and refining joint editor and voice dubber sound effects in a movie scene.
k. Talent
Talent in cartoons is the voice acting for each character / characters in the movie.

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